This I Believe

  1. Nothing is more sacred than your own code of honor.
  2. It’s important to ask the big questions of life.
  3. My time on this earth is short and precious - so I must not squander it.
  4. Leaders must always set the example.
  5. It helps to find humor in even the darkest situations.
  6. Fighting a friend rarely helps.
  7. Proactive is light-years better than reactive.
  8. Dreams are fanastic, but they must be put into motion.
  9. Nothing is more exciting than engaging with a new and interesting idea.
  10. Sharing is caring.
  11. We should always encourage others to dream.
  12. Never letting life get me down for too long.
  13. Working hard, damn hard, is good for the soul.
  14. Discovering your passions and gifts are of paramount importance.
  15. There is strength in you that you didn’t know was there until you call on it.
  16. You are more powerful than you know.
  17. Enjoy every moment, because pleasure inevitably fades.
  18. Money is never going to be enough.
  19. Perservance and persistance are everything. Endure.
  20. Love freely - open your heart and don’t be afraid of getting hurt.
  21. Tell the truth.
  22. Get the big things right and the little things take care of themselves.
  23. Tap into Source.
  24. Don’t put it off if it’s important.
  25. Live without regrets.
  26. Dance, even if people are watching and you look foolish.
  27. Make time for the people you care about (including yourself)