Here are some of my media appearances.

Daily Faces Financial Shortfalls

Rubi Ancajas
December 4, 2009

...Already in the current volume, Shen and Banerjee have executed major changes, such as reducing pay for editors and staff writers, cutting the size of the paper from its previous 10-12 pages down to about 6, laying off a long-time layout assistant, eliminating travel expenses for sports reporting of away games, and moving Friday’s Arts and Entertainment section titled Intermission inside the paper as opposed to keeping it a separate entity...

...In addition to cutting costs, Shen believes The Daily has other essential agents by which it can increase revenue. “Thinking about our other kinds of assets, we have students who know how to write and edit,” said Shen, who indicated that The Daily might soon adopt a fundraising plan similar to one started by The Harvard Crimson, which recently found it profitable to publish books that outline tips for writing better college admissions essays. The book would be written and edited by the student editorial staff...

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I Don't Know to CEO Conference

Stanford Student Businesses: the Spark, the Story, the Success - Hosted by Gumball Capital and Stanford Pre-Business Association
April 25, 2009

As cofounder and executive director, moderated panel on student entrepreneurship featuring the Chief Marketing Officer of Mint, the founders of Meebo and the creators of CourseRank.

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Special groups fill college students' days

Carrie Sturrock
May 19, 2008

..Senior Jason Shen, who competes on Stanford's gymnastics team, is not only president of the Unofficial Stanford Blog for student bloggers, he also helped start a nonprofit - Gumball Capital - that challenges students to think creatively about raising money for microloans for the working poor in developing countries.

Many students want to be leaders, not followers, and "it's hard to do that with an existing group," said Shen, a biology major. "There can only be so many leaders. It's a lot easier to start your own group. You don't have to deal with the bureaucracy of 'This is how we always did it.' This is how I'm going to do it. It's representative of our generation in general." ...

...With so many student groups, overlap must happen. Shen suspects that's the case at Stanford. "You can't even look at all of them, much less know what they do," he said. "People might start similar groups but miss each other because they're not aware that both are doing similar things." ...

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